Vikki (angelchild) wrote in uk_cooks,

Jamie Olivers Stew

On Monday night i got the slow cooker out... It use to be my favourite "gadget" in the kitchen, but im afraid my bread maker has over taken it lol

I wont post the whole recipe here (as its a bit long).  Its in Jamies Dinners, page 238 and apparently "Jools's" Favourite Beef Stew.....

2 comments...... Firstly, i cant get Jerusalem Artichokes in Medway lol..... I'm sure theyre still in season, but obviously too adventurous for the locals and secondly, when it was cooked i had a taste and thought it was a bit bland :o(  I did double the quantities btw, but i dont see as that would make any difference.... Sooooo, i was a bit naughty lol and added a packet of Oxo Onion Gravy mix lol.....then i was happy ;o)

I really liked the sprinkling of garlic and lemon zest on top at the end (although i combined mine with a bit of rosemary) although BB and the kids didnt like that. 

I cooked a Rosemary & Olive Oil Bread to go with it.....

If anyone wants the recipe i can scan it and send it to you :o)

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